Back to Improve my English Skill.

Back to School – study English for Better Grammar and Technical Writing

The thing I need to improve soon is how to write, Beautiful writing and make people understanding in the business communication.
I have contact to many organizations in New Zealand last night, mostly I only saw many of them are Institute of English and poly technique in Auckland. For me I also looking for job opportunity in New Zealand as the web analyst. I need to improve the way of presentation as such business presentation with professional skill.

I bought the Grammar English Called “Cambridge Grammar of English”, the green colored book. it is the Comprehensive guide, spoken and written English grammar and usage. by “Ronald Carter and Michel McCarthy”

My Old English Grammar Book

For my English Skill, I need to comeback and reading Grammar and practice how to create the good sentence for the Business Communication, which is I’m not ready yet. I suppose to continue improve me English in Reading and Writing and also I will not ignore the Speaking and Listening one.